Chiropractic care utilizes a powerful tool of manual manipulation and mobilization which focuses on misalignment in the spine that can cause joint and neurological tissue injury.

Repetitive improper lifting, injuries, and poor posture are some of the ways the spine can become misaligned. A misalignment can cause bio-mechanical and chemical changes in the body that can result in injury of muscular, skeletal and neurological tissue. These injuries result in inflammation, pain and decreased function to the affected area. To alleviate this, the use of controlled manual movements and mobilizations help, which in turn allows tissues to heal and joint mobility to be restored.

Chiropractors are also trained in a variety of other techniques and modalities so that they may better serve you including, but not limited to physical therapy modalities, rehabilitative exercises, soft tissue techniques, custom orthotics and bracing, athletic taping, and nutritional and lifestyle counselling. Combinations of various treatments are often prescribed to maximize improvements in your health sooner.

Chiropractic care is for all ages and Chiropractors manage cases such as auto accident injuries, workplace injuries, athletes with sporting injuries, and anyone seeking wellness care.