A Custom Orthotic is designed to align the foot and ankle into the most anatomically efficient position. They are made from precise imprints and work on your feet much like glasses work on your eyes. Custom Orthotics reduce stress and strain on your body by bringing your feet and body back into proper alignment. Do you have foot, knee, hip or back pain? Have you ever been told you have flat feet or high arches? Do have calluses on your feet? Do your shoes wear out on a particular side? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Custom Orthotics may be right for you

At PhysioCure, we are able to assess your concerns to design an orthotic to suit your individual needs. This starts with a biomechanical assessment of your foot, leg and gait and by obtaining a foam impression of the foot.

Using Custom Orthotics helps you

  • Relieve foot, heel and leg pain
  • Improve posture and balance
  • Improve walking pattern
  • Reduce stress and fatigue in your feet, legs and body
  • Reduce stress in your lower back
  • Prevent bunions, calluses and ulcers

What is the difference between Custom Orthotics and off the shelf insoles/arch supports?

Off the shelf insoles or arch supports offer generic support for common conditions such as flat feet , but do you display rearfoot valgus, forefoot varus, heel whip while walk and adequate dorsiflexion? A qualified practitioner can determine if your foot alignment may require you to have a rearfoot posting, met or heel pads, a medial or lateral flange or skive or other modifications based on your individual needs.

Custom orthotics are prescribed for your particular complaint, foot and body type and are custom made to correct your specific imbalance. Our Physiotherapists are trained to assess the structural alignment of your feet in standing and while walking.

Types of Custom Made Orthotics

There are different types of orthotics available with us which are built to suite your individual correction and lifestyle needs.

Causal and Dress Orthotics :
The Casual orthotics are built to suite the individual needs for people who require a pair of orthotics for casual shoes.

Dress Orthotics :
The Dress orthotics are built for people who require a thin and narrow orthotic for their dress shoes.

Sports Orthotics :
The Sports orthotics are built for people involved in impact activities at play or work who require support, pressure relief and shock absorption in their athletic shoes or work boots. These comes in various types designed to suite Soccer players, Court players, Golfers, Downhill or Cross country skiers, Ice skates or figure skates and for use in Safety boots

Diabetic and Geriatric :
We also provide speciality orthotics suited for Diabetic and Arthritic patients who require a suitable orthotic with comfort and cushioning for their sensitive feet

How do I get fitted for Custom Foot Orthotics

At PhysioCure, we are able to custom design foot Orthotics to suit your individual needs. This is done by a biomechanical assessment of your feet, legs and gait and by obtaining an impression of the foot and creating an Orthosis from a cast. Another method is by using a computerized plate on which one would walk on and the computer draws out a negative of the foot Orthosis that is then used to make an individualized Orthosis for your foot.

** Note: If you are planning to use your private health care benefits, often a referral from specified health care practitioner may be required by certain insurance companies in order for us to design a foot Orthosis for you. Please check with your insurance provider for specific requirements.