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Occupational Therapists help those who are impaired or disabled to adapt to their disability and environment by helping them gain functional independence through the use of adaptive and assistive devices, activities and environmental modification.


Our licensed OT’s Can Provide:

  • Custom made Splinting and Bracing: On-site & In Home Assessments and fabrication 
  • Asessment for the needs for Assistive Devices to help you overcome any physical disability or impairment.
  • In home assessments after motor vehicle accidents
  • Ergonomic assessments at work place for work site injury or motor vehicle accident cases.
  • Environment modifications to help you conserve energy during daily activities of living
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OT Services Offered:




Motorized Wheelchairs

Custom  Splints & Braces

In Home Assessments

Work Site Assessments

Assistive devices




Occupationaltherapy  Hand Splint  wheelchair/walker 

Custom Splinting and Bracing:

A custom made splint or brace will provide you with maximum comfort than an off-the-shelf product. We can provide various upper limb and lower limb braces and splints for soft tissue injuries, following fractures, repetitive strain injuries, for deformity correction or prevention and for conditions like carpel tunnel syndrome.

Our registered Occupational therapist are experienced in the fabrication of splints and will be able to asses you on site or at your home depending on your needs. A doctors referral may be required as per most insurance companies.



Assistive Devices:

Assistive devices help people with disabilities that restrict their mobility and prevent them from living safely in their homes and community. If you qualify our authorized therapists can arrange funding for certain assistive devices via the Assisstive Device Program (ADP). Some of the Assistive devices covered by this program includes:


Wheelchairs (custom made)
Motorized wheelchairs and Scooters
Walking Aids (Canes and walkers)



In Home Assessments:

We can also arrange in home assessments along with assessment for Assistive devices and attendant care needs. In home assessments are frequently performed as part of a treatment plan for an injured client to gather data on the physical requirements of home tasks for comparison with a clients functional abilities.



Work Site Assessment:

By assessing demands placed on a person in a particular role, we can determine its suitability for an individual with a disability or injury. This is done by observing the individual undertaking tasks associated with their job where it is safe and practicable to do so. By doing this we can help minimize injuries, promote early return to work, allow employers to allocate job tasks to better suit occupational demands.





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